Care Program- Umatilla County

Mission Statement:

To provide a coordinated and integrated social service delivery system which promotes the heath, safety, education, and general well-being of children and parents.

What is CARE?

The CARE Program is a support to families using a system approach available to Umatilla County. CARE was created to help at risk children with multiple issues by offering them a "no wrong door" approach.

CARE meets with parents to identify services, support and direction in assessing children's needs. Community partners can then be accessed for an array of services including counseling, housing options, medical, basic needs, and transportation. The focus of CARE is prevention and early intervention 

Positive results occur when families are assisted with accessing agencies and navigating complex systems.

CARE is a joint effort of Umatilla County, InterMountain Education Service District, and the Athena-Weston, Echo, Helix, Hermiston, Milton-Freewater, Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Stanfield, Ukiah, Umatilla, and the Umatilla School Districts.

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Care Program- Morrow County

A community multidisciplinary care team mobilizes community resources for addressing unmet health, educational, and social needs. This process of collaboration and integrated service delivery reduces barriers and increases access through a “No wrong door” policy of referrals and wrap-around services.

Care Program- Union County

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