CaCoon Program

CaCoon is a home visiting program that focuses on community-based CAre COordinatiON for children with special health care needs. CaCoon nurses have provided services in most Oregon counties for over 20 years. 

Children served in the CaCoon program make fewer visits to the emergency department. They also have higher rates of immunization, annual well-child visits, and dental care visits.

The CaCoon program is supported by the Oregon Center for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs at the OHSU Institute on Development & Disability.


The Population We Serve

CaCoon serves children from birth through age 20 who have (or who are at risk for) a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions and who require more health and related services. The most vulnerable families, such as those with a newly diagnosed infant, will be prioritized for CaCoon services. 


Team-Based & Family Centered Care

CaCoon nurses literally "meet families where they are" through home visiting. This environment is most effective for increasing family knowledge, skills, and confidence in caring for their children with special health needs. 

Children are best served when families and professionals partner effectively as members of their health care team. As professional members of the health care team, CaCoon nurses facilitate effective and efficient use of the health care system and community supports.

CaCoon nurses provide a variety of assessments that augment the team's ability to develop a shared care plan and support the family's implementation of the plan.


CaCoon Nurses Will:

  • Increase family engagement with their medical home

  • Help families access community-based services (e.g. education, transportation)

  • Help coordinate care across agencies and providers

  • Support families' ability to implement the shared care plan

  • Promote health literacy

  • Provide physical and developmental screenings as needed

  • Assess home safety and emergency preparedness

  • Support adolescent transition to adult health care services


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